Mother Wendy

Charlene Moskal

This is in praise of those

who live and die with faith,

who keep heaven in their hearts

and pray to god

or multi-armed gods

or beings with a dog face 

and the body of man

or Sobek who hides the answer 

to time in a ticking clock.

I give tribute to these Lost Boys

who have found a home.

who have little doubt, 

believe with conviction

they are a piece of a celestial puzzle;

I envy their certainties,

that the heavens will stretch

to allow those good and true

to fit under the wing of a Grand Creator

whose face cannot be looked upon

but whose bosom opens 

to embrace the shadow you.

I admire you.

I want to fill my vessel 

with the essence 

of uncompromised love, 

find solace in mystery.

I salute all of you as I beseech 

my maverick transitory gods

that for your sake,(and mine), 

you are right,

that we will be remade whole, 

that your god will become

Mother Wendy who saved Peter 

when she sewed his shadow back on.


About the Author: Charlene Moskal

I am a Teaching Artist with The Alzheimer’s Poetry Project and a Fellow of the New Jersey Writing Project. For three decades prior to moving to Las Vegas, Nevada I taught in public schools in South Texas. I am published in numerous anthologies, magazines, e-zines, including, “The Esthetic Apostle”, “Multibilis”, “Dash”, “Chaleur Journal”, ”Helen” “Sky Island Journal”, ”Dash”, “The Raven’s Perch”, and others.Zeitgeist Press is the publisher of my second chapbook, “One Bare Foot”.