General Biz Info

Cleaning up Glitter, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit literary organization founded in 2019. Our EIN is 83-4530859. As a nonprofit, we abide by a code of ethics, conflict of interest policy, and govern as a board; none of us are paid to do any of this; all fees and donations made to us go right back to maintaining our online journal and submission software, covering legal fees and insurance, and eventually will be used to provide programming in the community.

5-year Plan

Cleaning up Glitter was established as a literary journal as a way to empower new and emerging writers to share their experiences with others. As a nonprofit, we are building a mission-focused community of readers and writers who are committed to helping us fulfill our longer-term plan of providing literary and arts programming to at risk youth, under-represented groups, and adults affected by mental illness. While we are in our beginning stages, the support you provide today helps make it possible for us to take the necessary steps today, to reach our longer-term goals. Thank you for believing in our mission!

Support Us

At present, Cleaning up Glitter is entirely funded by the founder, with no regrets. The basic costs include our web hosting fees, Submittable account, and insurance and legal fees; our bare bones budget (ie expected expenses) for 2019 is $2,300. With your support we can meet our goals sooner.

Click here to become a patron through Patreon. Contributions made through Patreon will be used to offset the costs of our basic expenses, and any leftover funds will be funneled back into our future programs.

Volunteer Opportunities

We occasionally need volunteers to help read submissions. Interested in helping? Email us!