Dear Reader,

As I’m trying to decide what to write to you, I am watching a baby monitor for any signs of my baby boy stirring. Today was a long day for us, as we had a three hour birth parent visit, minimal naps, and basically no structure. Foster care is hard, y’all. And with heavy bags under my eyes, this will be a very short letter :)

This tiny baby literary journal seems to be intertwining with my life more each day. Could I have timed the July 2019 - CHILDHOOD issue to coincide with the placement of my new son any better? Probably, since we are publishing a day late!

In all seriousness though, the past month has been a whirlwind. Without disclosing too many personal details, we learned about, met him, and moved him into our house all within 12 days. His presence in my life has woken up a new part of my mothering persona which I am still trying to identify and name. She is joyful and sad and ecstatic all at the same time. I feel incredibly protective of him, while also working hard to make sure he grows up unsheltered.

This is a fun issue. There are some great creative nonfiction pieces that speak to the child in all of us, and works of fiction that will make your heart ache. Please continue to support our amazing writers by reading and sharing their work. And stay tuned for a an update about some super sweet volunteer editor opportunities!


Amy Walsh, @AmyWalshWrites

President and Founder

Cleaning up Glitter, Inc.