George Travels to Vienna for His Cousin’s Wedding 

Lynn Guttmann

leaving me to harvest the abundance of his garden

plump Early Girls 

and buff Better Boys

Royal Mountie

and dapper Mr. Stripey 

the chubby Cherry 

Early Wonders 

and Super Sweets

pick, pick, pick

Big Kahuna and 

Haricots Verts

Kentucky Blue Greens 

Demeter commands:

get ye ripe plump orbs 

and spiral strings

swell and burst to fullness

my pearl-tight clusters

and seductive amber pods

And I am her acolyte. I don my tomato red shirt, my dirt brown clogs, gardening gloves and lift the heavy leaves to enter her foliage-heavy realm where sharp-edged shadows split to streaks of sunlight. 

Roma tendrils release pungent, peaty scent

and – 


there they are!

beneath the flaring zucchini flowers 

my lost pair of glasses

staring at me through dark eyes.

I put them on,

the day’s glare recedes into tawny tint.

I set my bursting basket by my side 

relax against the garden fence

and see

in a half-dream  ~

one-year-old Sabine teething 

on a green bean 

while her grandma, Leslie,

and I chat under the vining canopy

collecting slender pole-beans.

Across the yard,

"La belle Epoque” madame

flaunts her luscious figs 

With sweet talk,

my friends and neighbors

[in their county fair finery]

coax plump fruit 

into their trays, baskets, bowls and bags.

Mata-ji, graceful, 

Bapu, genteel,

walk up the street

toward home ~

Big Kahunas

Kentucky Blue Greens

Royal Mounties


one dapper Mr. Stripey

jostle for room in their raffia basket.

Babu turns – and waves


into my smile

About the Author: Lynn Guttmann


As an accomplished visual artist, my pastels and drawings have been selected for numerous art shows and festivals over the last five decades. But, as my fibromyalgia fatigue flareups became more frequent, I decided to retire from my day-job as a municipal engineering director and learned that taking long naps allowed my verbal creativity brain cells to expand. I now find spontaneous pleasure in writing poetry, reading, gardening and giggling with grandchildren. My poems have been published in Lifelines Literary Journal and Wordgatherings