Unsent Texts

By Sarena Brown

unsent texts to my summertime fuckbuddy

LMAO i just left ur car + I'm already 

kickin myself bc i wanted to kiss u 

((hell yeah i wanted to kiss u)) but i got 

all in my head again n instead of kissing u 

i just hugged u in the front seat of ur hatchback. 

u laughed. tell me was it a genuine reaction 

or a courtesy-chuckle? a pity-chortle? oh god 

was it a wtfamimdoingwithafreaklikeher-snort?? 

pls just tell me if am I repulsive yet. i mean how can u 

b into me when all i do is smoke ur weed + drink 

ur crowne while inhaling french fries + overthinking??? 

ew bc now im oversharing bc im overthinking 

n overthinking bc im oversharing. tell me how u do it. 

tell me how u r the way u r. u see what u want. u go after it. 

u move on to ur next want. Tf? i either talk my ears off 

or get stuck in the tornado in between…  ah fuck me up. no. 

fuck me. fr can u fuck the anxiety outta me?? 

wud u do that? for me? even still do I want u to?

About the Author

Sarena Brown (@sarena.brown) is a queer poet of color who really loves her friends. She is a MFA candidate in Poetry at UMass Amherst and the Creative Director of Paperbark Literary Magazine. When not writing, she likes watching videos of puppies with babies.