Poetry Collection

Sarah McLaughlin

The Meaning of Life

Is there meaning in life?

Who really knows

We have eighty-odd years

To find some way to cope

Some try religion

Others find symbols in art

Some try their hand

At capturing hearts

Then there are the ones

Who see through it all

Who don’t take “yes” for an answer

So they trip and they fall

Sent over the edge

From a sane sort of madness

So aren’t we then the mad ones?

They say ignorance is bliss…

A Vast Blue Ocean

A vast blue ocean

Filled top to bottom

To some, a glass to never touch

To some, an ice field with patches rough

To some, a murky, mysterious depth

To some, a garden, cleaned and kept

But still a vast blue ocean

A vast blue ocean

Filled to the brim

To some, a wide sea, unexplored

To some, an endless corridor

To some, a daunting, looming storm

To some, a room with only doors

But still a vast blue ocean

A vast blue ocean

Filled infinitely

To some, a private hideaway

To some, a comfortable place to stay

To some, a threat to never seek

To some a goal to never reach

But still a vast blue ocean

The World Is Ours

There’s no need to look at the stars when I can see them in your eyes

It doesn’t matter where we are, if I’m with you, I’ll be just fine

The woods, hills, and endless plains, I want to walk them all with you

On a tree we’ll carve our names, and we’ll name constellations, too

This indescribable feeling, it’s bigger than Mars

Orbits my head like a shooting star

Moonlight reflects off your eyes and into my heart

This world is ours

The sands warm under our feet, the salty breeze is cool

When we step closer to the sea, we watch as water seeps through

We take in as much as we can before the sun sinks behind the trees

We breathe the outdoor air, and it’s everything we need

This universe expands so far

I want to be with you no matter where we are

We’ll walk each path together to the beat of our hearts

This world is ours

About the Author


Sarah McLaughlin is 18 years old and from Bridgewater, MA. She is currently studying Creative Writing and Political Science at Providence College and has previously worked as a writing tutor and a piano teacher. In addition to writing prose, poetry, and plays, she is a musician and can be found on YouTube as Sarahturtle. She also authors the blog thebook-wasbetter.blogspot.com.