Update regarding submissions

Some of you may have noticed that our forms include a fee at the moment. Here's whats up: We hit 90% of our Submittable capacity on May 7th. This is a great problem to have as a baby literary journal! But, also a bit of a challenge as we are committed to ensuring everyone has access to submit, regardless of means. 

I've given this some thought, and have decided to ask you to help me, help others. If, when the forms are fee-optional, you can afford to spend the $3, please consider paying it. My hope is that writers who couldn't submit to a journal with fees, are still able to, but don't feel like they have to rush and do it in the first few days of a month (this will become more important as we align dates with the calendar). We will switch to fees required when we hit 90% of our cap. 

Fine Print: Entries are read blind. Whether you pay the fee or not will have no bearing on whether your piece is accepted. We are a volunteer-led nonprofit, which means we don't have paid staff, and we don't use nonprofit funds to buy stuff for our volunteers personal use. The funds you pay through Submittable are used to operate this little nonprofit - web hosting, submittable, legal fees for setting up the nonprofit, and similar business expenses.

That said, while we are a nonprofit, Submittable fees are not tax deductible as a charitable donation. More on that later!

Thanks, as always, for your support.

Keep writing,