Free Regular Submissions

Hi friends,

After contemplation I've decided to make June and August's submissions free moving forward. If you’ve already submitted to us for one of these issues, please keep reading for an update!

Why? In my effort to set up Cleaning up Glitter as a nonprofit, I had to establish a mission statement which is “to inspire and empower new and emerging writers to give voice to the human experience.” Quite simply, I need to earn your trust as a new literary journal, before I can ask you for money; it does feel inspiring nor empowering for me to ask this of you right now.

That said… we are a business with a budget so, here’s an update:

Weekly Feature

We will begin publishing a creative nonfiction or fiction piece once per week on our blog! This will include a fee, which will help keep the website running and coffee flowing. In addition, the piece of work that is chosen will get a few social media shoutouts. If you have previously submitted a work of nonfiction or fiction for June or August, we will consider that piece for a weekly feature. If you submitted poetry, we will give you the opportunity to submit a work of nonfiction or fiction for a weekly feature, in place of the poem. Poem will still be considered for original issue.

Check out the submission form for more details.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thank you and happy writing!