Before The Kiss

by Kelly A. Berry

Before the kiss


Cosmic Bliss

Fingers tracing


Deep breaths & panting

Give and take

Taking turns

For powers sake

Hours of touching feelings, breath touching flesh, fingers tracing lines of lust

Writing desires with imaginary pen and ink

Ink from the well of the soul

Deep longing looks into each other’s eyes, speaking telepathically

Words couldn't describe, and words weren't needed

Romance in motion….denial; such a strong potion

Strong beating hearts echo and reverberate

Floating in the atmosphere of arousal



A Kiss

Finally with a tease, lips brush against lips

Finally a kiss that leads to other kisses

Nothing more but....So. Much. More.

Waiting and wanting, there's nothing more genuine

Nothing more powerful

About the Author


Kelly A. Berry currently resides in Chicago, IL with her tuxedo cat Baby. Coming out of a very tumultuous childhood she always found herself in the middle of meaningful friendships with artists, but would never dare to give herself the honor of calling herself an artist. Everyone around her was just so much better than her. Although she was writing poetry and short stories from the time she learned cursive in school, it wasn't until she took a pottery class in 2008 that she was able to accept herself for who she is. The class allowed her the freedom to express herself truly, to let loose those bottled up ideas and emotions, and now Kelly A. Berry can say with confidence that she is an artist.  Find Kelly on Instagram: @kellyberrychi